Getting People outdoors and connecting with nature

A FLOC Values 
A Florida Outdoor Center (A FLOC) community-its staff, students, board and members-shares a commitment to connecting people to the outdoors, protecting wilderness space, teaching outdoor education, providing leadership, promoting outdoor safety, and staying active in our community. These values define and direct who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Executive Director ~ Kristen Beck

     Born and raised in central Massachusetts Kristen spent lots of time outdoors where she developed an adventurous spirit, love of nature and guiding skills. Kristen spent a lot time camping, fishing and paddling with her family in New England. While exploring the White Mountains, sailing on the lakes and ocean then guiding trips on fast flowing rivers in Maine and photographing whales off of George’s Banks, Kristen was inspired by the magic and beauty found outdoors.

      Professionally, Kristen began guiding in Maine as a whitewater and wilderness guide where she led multiday trips into Maine’s woods and on Class IV Rivers. She took her training to New Jersey and the Girl Scouts of America where she took on the role of Aquatics Director, developing swimming, paddling and trail programs for a large summer camp and for winter programs.
Kristen met her husband, Mike on a 22 day paddling trip on the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon. He encouraged her to try out for the USA National Wildwater Team.

      Kristen competed and trained in the US and in Europe before moving to Florida to guide kayaking tours and teaching safety courses. In the fall, you may find Kristen and Mike leading tours in Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyons and other National Parks out west. She is an ACA certified instructor and loves to share her knowledge.  In her free time she paints whimsical sea creatures, writes children's stories and poems. 

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Programming Director ~ Mike Beck

Born in New York but raised in Cologne I am truly a city boy but I am a passionate explorer. I have lead thousands of kayaking expeditions where hiking was sometimes a secondary activity and have lead hundreds of trekking tours where photography, biking or wildlife watching where secondary. I think that a truly memorable journey combines more than one activity in a way that they blend seamlessly.
I have held a Guinness World Record for distance paddled in 24 hours on a river, met my wife on a 280 mile 22-day river expedition through the Grand Canyon and have completed as well as organize 100 mile ultra runs.
Why do I lead tours? I love to explore and even more, I like to experience the adventure with my guests, guiding them, teaching them skills and watching a new adventurer born.
Why travel with me? Taking the desires and needs of each guest and adding them to the mix of staying on schedule and staying safe are the duties of a guide but I also will bake a birthday cakes, share history or interesting stories to enhance the experience
What I like most about guiding… Discovery, the discovery of new places or seeing familiar places with new people and watching them experience the place for the first time. Starting a new tour with strangers and ending it with new friends. Traveling to wild places and sleeping outdoors for weeks or months then returning home.
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